Our History

This pub has no history – its new. Maybe in a year or two we’ll have some history to write about.

Do you know what does have a history? Pubs have a history. And it’s a good one.

It seems that two or three hundred years ago or so, grocers and merchants in Ireland and Britain opened up part of their private homes to sell provisions – everything from grain to rope to pots & pans to clothes.

People would travel good distances (not easy to do back in the day) to these shops, and these shops became the places where friends would meet, neighbors would socialize (and gossip a bit) and colleagues “talk shop.”

Well, socializing, meeting and talking shop can work up a heck of a thirst (and appetite). So these merchants opened up other areas of their private homes for people to meet, socialize and talk shop over a beer or a whisk(e)y and some good food. They even brought street musicians in to add to the festivity.

To make a long story short (yes, we know it’s too late), this proved to be such a successful enterprise that many of these private houses became “public houses” (shortened to “pubs” over time), and ultimately the heart of countless communities, villages and towns.

And so here we are. Its 2014 and things have changed. A lot. But what hasn’t changed is that people still like to meet, socialize and talk shop – over a beer or a whisk(e)y and some good food.

And that’s why we’re here.

So join us. Be a part of making our history and perhaps we’ll be a part of making yours.


The Name.

It's where we are and what we are.


The chevron.

The symbol of a roof. It represents protection and faithful service.


The pint.

People are never perfect, but a pint can be.


A Pigeon.

A winged symbol of HOME – and able to travel over 1,000 miles in a single flight to get there.



Man’s (and woman’s) best friend symbolizes loyalty, protection and unconditional companionship.


The trefoil.

The symbol of perpetuity and longevity.


The toast (part I):

We all need a little luck. And when we do get some, let's raise a glass to it!


The toast (part II):

Enjoy every moment (and every pint) to its fullest.


The Art

The Pub is pleased to be able to exhibit original work done by local artists. Currently on display are pieces by some of the members of the Loft Artists Association (loftartists.com) in Stamford. Interested in purchasing anything you see? Feel free to email us for details or contact any of the artists directly.

The artists:
Lisa Cuscuna (lisacuscuna.com)
Ellen Gordon (ellensgordon.com)
Paul Larson (Pglarson.com)
Lina Morelli (LinaMorelli.com)

Hours / Phone

Sunday Monday and Tuesday, 11am – 11pm
Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – Midnight

Call us at 203.309.5522
Call us at 203.309.5523